Smoking Bans

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Smoking bans are initiated to protect the health issues of the non-smoker, mostly in public places.. Although the smoking bans may not entirely control the way people smoke, they have been seen as ways in which people can be forced into the process of quitting. One thing that you may need to know about smoking bans is that they are policies that regulate not only the smoking of cigarettes but also the lighting and/or carrying and/or possession of one in some cases. These smoking bans tend to stipulate that indoor smoking according to scientific evidence is dangerous to the two parties. These parties are the smokers and the inhalers of the second hand smoke. Smoking bans have been seen to produce positive reviews in the health sector. They have been seen to lower health care costs with another advantage in the basis of improving productivity at work lowering the cost of heath care claims and insurance costs to companies.

Smoking Bans

Smoking Bans Are Driving More to E-Cigarettes

The smoking bans which detail the smoke free work places and public areas have promoted growth of job opportunities in the society. Smoking bans have not only endorsed a new chapter of life to people but have also attributed to fewer accidents that may be connected to fires. Many fires are said to be caused by carelessness of smokers failing to put out their cigarette butts in the ashtrays properly or dropping them where they may end up causing fire accidents. Although many addicts in cigarette smoking are always crying out to have to have these smoking bans somewhat lifted, the state rather ensures that they are tightened even more. This is because the tighter these laws are, the better to both parties that is the smoker and the non-smoker. These bans have also led to improved physical environmental appearances as cleanliness has been bettered by having more responsible people. Without laws, people would invent things that in particular may destroy human kind; smoking bans have ensured cleanliness in health facilities like pharmaceuticals as well as machinery areas. Financial budgeting of ventilation equipment as well as any other air cleaning gadgets has also gone down with another greater additional factor coming in. Also, these bans have given smokers the admirable incentive to quit.


Although people may not realize the importance of these

smoking bans

, medical research has proven that smoking is dangerous to the smokers as well as those who don’t smoke. It has been realized that non smokers can also suffer from the lung ailments which may include, asthma and bronchitis. The issuance of laws that regulate this trend has significantly been seen as an advantage to the public and that people have taken the initiative of exercising moral values by employing public policing whereby any person who may be seen break the set rules an regulations is liable to prosecution by a court of law which may end up to having him or her fined heavily.