Public Smoking Bans!!!

Public Smoking Ban – Nicotine is very addictive

The habit of smoking is one of the hardest one to quit and a public smoking ban doesn’t help. This fact is also proven by a recent scientific study on addiction of nicotine, which is the active component of tobacco smoke. Nicotine is very addictive once it has its hold on human conscience, its cravings can be very hard to resist. Addictive smokers are constantly being bombarded with new laws; public smoking ban has made it even harder for them to smoke. Secondhand smoke is equally dangerous to health as firsthand smoke; there is no debate on that. What about smoking for somebody who works at a public place where public smoking ban is effective? The same science which proved smoking injurious proves nicotine’s addiction to be hard to quit.

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Public Smoking Ban – Strictly enforced

In states where public smoking ban is strictly enforced, there are usually smoking areas for addicted smokers. But is it enough for them? I mean every smoker cannot just look for a smoke free place every single time he craves to smoke. According to smokers public smoking ban has been a nuisance for them; it has not urged them in any way to quit smoking but just made it much harder for them. Public smoking ban have certainly improved air quality of some public places by reducing toxins in the air, but what about the air from the smoking zones? Is that not going to mix with air? It is certainly not the case that all those areas are air tight and smoke is disposed. Smokers are all very well aware of the evil effects smoking because of messages on the packages; they still choose to smoke them anyway. It is also a fact that cigarette is a pacifier, that is people who are disturbed of financial reasons or any other reason, use smoking to ease their minds.

Public Smoking Ban – Protests

Smokers in many states are now joining hands and recording their protest against harsh public smoking ban laws and enforcement. One such smoker stated, “Law enforcement should be more concerned about dealing with bigger criminals. I smoke by my choice and respect others who do not like to inhale smoke and also public smoking ban but these laws are just so strict on us. These should be focused against immoral smokers”. Many smokers accept public smoking ban but being regarded as not normal members of society annoys them the most. They feel alienated when they are required to go to smoking areas for smoking. It is having an adverse effect on their metal state and they are less than happy about the new smoking laws.

Public smoking ban is effective in fight against passive smoking hazards. But there should be more focus on educating the public via advertisements and compensations to not to smoke in public places and the public smoking ban should be flexible. Smoking will gradually decrease itself with proper education without the need of extensive law enforcement and money spent on making separate smoking areas. We can best fight this social evil by strengthening our moral value not by making it illegal. If we invest enough energy educating people about it we might not be need of a public smoking ban.