Idaho Smoking Laws

Idaho smoking laws cover specific rules and regulations in place to help protect the public from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.  Title 39, Chapter 55 of the Idaho Code Statutes lays out these guidelines and explains what they are and how they are to be handled. The law prohibits smoking in all public places and in all public meetings.   The public establishments where smoking is prohibited include retail and grocery stores, restaurants, malls, elevators, etc.   Public transportation, such as buses are also under the prohibition, with the exception of charter buses.  I’m not sure who would want to be breathing smoke on a charter bus, but I guess it’s okay to smoke there.

Idaho Smoking Laws


Exceptions To Idaho Smoking Laws

Exceptions of the Idaho smoking laws include private residences where no childcare or healthcare is conducted, motel and hotel rooms designated for smoking guests, designated smoking areas in or outside of a public building, tobacco stores, warehouses, manufacturers, etc. Also businesses that are run from home are also not required to abide by the prohibitive Idaho smoking laws unless employees are present under specific circumstances.

idaho smoking laws


Fines For Violating Idaho Smoking Laws

Business owners/operators who violate the law and allow smoking in or on the premises other than designated areas can be fined up to $100 per violation.  Also, employees are protected under the Idaho smoking law and are free from fear of discharge or retaliation should they file a complaint of a violation of  Idaho smoking law. If discrimination occurs, the employer can be subject to a fine of a minimum of $1000-5000 per violation.  Business owners and employees who find a consumer violating the law and smoking where it is prohibited are entitled to ask them to extinguish their tobacco immediately.  If the consumer fails to comply, the owner or employee is entitled to ask them to leave the premises immediately.  If neither of those methods work and the violation continues, the violating party will be subject to a fine of no more than $50.  That is a pretty small fine for violation of Idaho smoking laws.