New Hampshire Smoking Laws

The New Hampshire smoking laws have been a hard fight for legislators and supporters of a smoke free New Hampshire. The goal of the New Hampshire smoking laws was to reduce the dangers of exposure to secondhand smoke in the public. Only portions of the Act as it stands now are what were intended by its creation. Yes, the victories that have been made are making strides toward a smoke free New Hampshire, but there is still a great deal of room for improvement, and New Hampshire’s citizens want the change.

This set of laws has gaps in coverage and safety and is currently being reviewed for potential further discussion. Also, this law has not given communities in New Hampshire control to adopt their own ordinances, which would greatly support the efforts for a smoke free workplace. Many public places still allow enclosed smoking areas which have been proven to be unsafe.

Where Do New Hampshire Smoking Laws Prohibit Smoking?

The New Hampshire smoking laws currently prohibit smoking in public educational facilities, healthcare and childcare facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, public transportation, lounges, etc. Smoking is also prohibited at social, fraternal and religious functions that are open to the public.
Exemptions to the New Hampshire Indoor Smoking Act include private transportation, social, fraternal or religious meetings and organizations not open to the public, motels, hotels and resorts with designated smoking rooms for guests, public, educational, and long term housing facilities within established guidelines, etc. There are also specific guidelines for healthcare facilities which may be exempt from the prohibition of smoking.

Enforcement of New Hampshire Smoking Laws

Areas of public places that allow smoking are to be properly identified with signage and the appropriate paraphernalia, etc. Signage should indicate that smoking is only allowed in specific areas. It is the responsibility of the person in charge of such areas to ensure that no one smokes, or continues to smoke in areas that are considered to be non-smoking areas.
The New Hampshire smoking laws protect persons who file a complaint or report a violation from being discriminated or retaliated against for their actions. Local law enforcement authorities can enforce the New Hampshire smoking laws in their respective jurisdictions. Persons found guilty of smoking in prohibited areas will be guilty of a violation and subject to a $100 minimum fine. Any owner/operator or person in charge that fails to comply and abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the New Hampshire smoking laws may also be subject to penalties and fines.

New Hampshire Smoking Laws